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A.J. Watson built his first track car for CRA Hot Rod races in 1947, but ultimately, he became disinterested in driving. Instead, he came to Indianapolis off-and-on as a builder and mechanic; that is until 1954, when he was hired as the chief mechanic for renowned racing team owner and sponsor John Zink Jr. Success came quickly, with Bob Swiekert driving Zink’s Kurtis KK500C Roadster, which ... Nov 22, 2014 · Competing Supermodified builder Paul Colloca, of Xtreme Chassis, posted three main events wins in 2014 with Kody Graham, Joey Payne as well as Joe Gosek’s No. 00. Xtreme Chassis also swept the front row for the Budweiser International Classic in 2014 with Payne and Graham, and a new track record of 15.802 seconds set by Payne.

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