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May 01, 2014 · Antique Belgian H Piepers Rolling Block .22 rifle for auction. "H Piepers Patent Liege Belgium" 20" octagonal barrel, "R", "A" , "FL.22.L" and the Belgium proof mark are on the left barrel flat. Stock is stamped w' "BAYARD' and has a man on horse in circle cartouche. Some rusting and wear marks. Made in Liege Beligum between 1984-1989. Child size gun (MN: 18+ w/ID- Antique - No FFL or NICS ... semi-automatique Bergmann Bayard en calibre 9mm - Pieper Bayard Modèle 1923 - Fusil de chasse Actionless Removing the gun Bayard 1908 campaign Advanced dismounting of the slide...

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