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Trigonometry is a very practical, real-world branch of mathematics, because it involves the measurement of lengths and angles. Surveyors use it when surveying property, making topographical maps, and so on, and the ancient Greeks, among others, used it for building, navigation, and astronomy. Trigonometry comes up a lot in the study of calculus, so you […] UNIT 1.1 - ALGEBRA 1 - INTRODUCTION TO ALGEBRA 1.1.1 The Language of Algebra 1.1.2 The Laws of Algebra 1.1.3 Priorities in Calculations 1.1.4 Factors 1.1.5 Exercises 1.1.6 Answers to exercises (6 pages) UNIT 1.2 - ALGEBRA 2 - NUMBERWORK 1.2.1 Types of number 1.2.2 Decimal numbers 1.2.3 Use of electronic calculators 1.2.4 Scientific notation 1.2 ...

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